Are you a billboard junkie and actively seek them out when strolling down the street? Do you like to watch ads and analyze them in your head? Well, so do I, let's do it together!

Top anti-smoking campaigns people don’t talk about enough

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Hi, darlings and welcome back again to a new piece, fresh out of the oven, ready to fry our fingers and our neurons. We have no Easter baked goods yet (sorry) but I will, hopefully, delight you with something else.

This article is one of the many that invites you to take a seat alongside me as we analyze everything advertising – campaigns, videos, advertisements, prints, what worked and what didn’t or, on the contrary, what didn’t work and why some of these “esteemed” creations should have never seen the light of the audiovisual world.

Top 10 Best Advertisements and Campaigns

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Advertising is everywhere – from billboards to product packaging, from online banners to classic flyers you get on the street, inviting you to cool events or parties. Its ever-presence in our lives can sometimes make even the simple act of strolling after a long day feel like walking through a giant shopping mall.

You can’t escape the feeling that every moment, every day, someone is trying to sell you something. We all know that advertising is useful for brands to attract customers and position themselves. As annoying as publicity, promotion and ads might feel to us, sometimes the industry gets it so right even the skeptics have to acknowledge it and tip their invisible hat as a kudos to their efforts.

Guerilla marketing examples or how to turn the environment into a giant ad

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If marketing is, according to Philip Kotler, the science and art of convincing people to buy, then guerilla marketing is a unique way of getting their attention using unconventional means and natural elements of the surrounding landscape. If you haven’t heard of this type of marketing before, chances are you’ve at least seen it.

How so? Because guerilla marketing is basically an ensemble of spontaneous promotional activities meant to surprise and engage the customer and its primary characteristic is the fact that it uses public spaces. In other words, advertisers turn the environment into a giant ad.