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How do I work with a Romanian Content Writer?

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I will start off with a short mention that has nothing to do with the topic of today’s article – no, I haven’t died, no, the blog hasn’t either, no one died...yet. My health problems struck me even more than the usual 1 EURO work offers...but I’m still here, filled with venom, as usual, ready to debate a new and interesting subject with you guys. If you missed me (fat chance), I’m here once again to talk about my letters, your letters and everyone’s letters.

6 questions and answers about content writing

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Hi. I hope you started your week out strong. I’ll assume that the answer is yes, since you’re here, on this wonderful blog. Self-flattering aside, welcome back.

Last time we tackled some of the most frequent copywriting questions that both you, the readers of this blog, as well as all writing enthusiasts have at the beginning of their careers. This time, I figured we could continue on the same note of the previous article. I invite you to take a seat as we talk about the other “writing wizards” of the online world – content writers or content editors.

How to find article ideas for a blog

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Whether you have a personal blog or a niche one, whether you write blog content for a certain brand or independent individual, I’m sure you dealt with the following situation at least once:

You sat at your laptop comfortably, prepared the perfect cup of coffee, warmed up your hand joints a little but, lo and behold, just when you wanted to do brain push-ups and tear that keyboard apart with enthusiastic strokes, you realized that all you have is an empty Word page.

Everything you need to know if you want to be a Romanian Content Writer

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Hope I’m finding you with an open heart, my darlings, happy new year and welcome to 2019, with the added apologies for my tardiness. If you’re wondering where I’ve run off to, no, I haven’t stopped blogging and no HR professional murdered me (yet). I had some health problems (I still do) which I’m hoping to resolve. If you like me, read me and have a good relationship with the holy guy above, good thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Now, let’s get back to our usual business. For our first article in 2019, I propose a topic that’s very dear to me and I hope you, too, especially if you like writing and you’re seeking to build a career out of it.

How long should an article be to get read and be shared?

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Whether you’re a successful blogger who writes paid articles online or if you just bought an online domain and write for fun, I’m sure you wondered at least once just how long should an article be, in theory, to be read and shared across the pond, of course.

If you’re a beginner writer, I invite you to also touch upon the basic principles of article writing here, as well as some basic tips and tricks on how to be more convincing through words, here.

Content writing services vs. copywriting services – how much do they cost?

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Morning everyone, I hope you’re having a wonderful start of the week. Today I’m delighting you with a topic that I think is pretty important for those seeking to learn more about copywriting and content writing services, as well as those who offer them. Friends and clients alike ask me frequently what in the world is copywriting and content writing, how much do these individual services cost and why the price differences, are they justifiable?

First up, I invite you to take a look over my introductory piece on content writing and copywriting if you’re a beginner so you can understand exactly what each specialist does in the online world. From here on out we can discuss how much these services cost and why

How to write a convincing article (with examples)

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Whether you’re a content editor or a full-time copywriter or if your work involves only occasionally writing online articles, you had to have asked yourself, at least once, what makes us read a text and ignore another on blogs, niche websites, Facebook pages or online publications.

In a previous piece, I shared some basic principles for article writing. This time, however, I thought we could get more in-depth on the topic and discover exactly what makes an article convincing and what are some tips&tricks to use to attract readers.

Traps to avoid if you're a content creator

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All humans who turn writing into a career have one thing in common, aside from passion for the art of the written word – disappointment. It appears inevitably, whether at the beginning (you allow yourself to get discouraged) or as you go along (after you fall prey to the first scams). Unfortunately, no one prepares you for the less glamorous side of the content industry.

From idealism to realism it’s just one step and, in the case of content creators, your identity crisis begins after the first:

"Bro, can’t you write like 40 monthly articles? I’ll pay 1 EURO each.”

„What do you mean you can’t deliver 1000 pages due yesterday? The Indian guys on Freelancer write entire encyclopedias for 1 dollar.”

„What do you mean you don’t want to write for free for the grand opportunity to be on my website so that I can make traffic revenue off of your labor?”

Cum scriem un articol? Rețetă fără bullshit

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At a quick Google search, you’ll find a ton of sources that promise the perfect recipe for article writing for any niche. If you’re here, however, I’m actually going to tell you the truth, my truth, after nearly 3 years of freelance writing and reading all niche blogs and literature that I could get my hands on – that recipe does not exist.

I repeat, it does not exist, and whoever tells you that it does wants to take your money or take you for a fool...or both. There are mere steps you can take in certain cases to reach specific marketing goals – boosting the number of readers or subscribers, improving click-rates or achieving a better position in search engine results (here we’re thinking classic SEO articles), building a community around a specific topic etc.