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Good morning, friends, and welcome to the best corner of the internet. If you're here, you're probably lost, Youtube is two doors down.

But, since you've graciously decided to join me on this beautiful Sunday morning, I was thinking we could discuss a topic that I've been meaning to address for quite some time now and I hope I'll manage to do it in a way that doesn't offend too many trainers - copywriting courses.

What is copywriting?

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Hello from the quarantine, lovely people, I hope you’re staying healthy and sheltered, wherever you are. Today I decided to touch upon a subject that’s very dear to me and of interest to you – I know that because you either asked me directly what copywriting is or you’ve found my website using such keywords on Google.

If you’re new to my blog, I invite you, for starters, to take a look over these articles, too (here and here). Today, however, we’re going to only talk about copywriting as a science and creative process – what copywriting is, according to specialists and according to this writer, as well.

To write or not to write for free – the dilemma of the Romanian Copywriter

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Hello, honored and honorable readers. Today I am going to scare (or delight you, depending) with a grand article, fit for the Holy Week we are in, gathered from in between sponge cakes, red Easter eggs and fake promises such as „to mark this holy celebration, I will be a better person.”

If you’ve worked in the content industry, on any level – online editor, ghostwriter, content writer/copywriter, marketer, blog article writer, journalist for a specific niche, you’re most definitely aware of the most persistent scam that affects all of us, from top to bottom – writing for free.

The most common online copywriting mistakes

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On this blog, we frequently debate really cool copywriting examples – brilliant texts, inspired billboards, creative concepts transmitted in a swift, but impactful manner. Even more, the internet is filled with introductory articles that teach you how to write better, either brought to you by yours truly or other copywriters/content writers/freelance writers.

No one says the above is not relevant or good to know. However, I believe it is equally important to talk about the „Don’t-s” of copywriting, about what you should avoid if you want to be taken seriously as a writer or professional in your niche.

How do I choose a blog name?

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If you’re a professional on your niche or if you’ve simply chosen to dedicate yourself to blogging full-time, you’ve most certainly encountered a fairly common stepping stone for everyone seeking to build an online identity, promote themselves or sell – how to choose an attractive blog name that people will remember or, why not, even resonate with.

Have you only found uninspired blog names thus far? Do you feel that none of your ideas is good enough? Let’s check out a few strategies to pick a good blog name together and let’s go over the main differences between domain, URL and the name of your blog. I will help you with a series of questions that you should ask yourself in order to get closer to the online identity you want and achieve your online goals effortlessly.

Online copywriting - what is it and how do we recognize it

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The readers of this blog, as well as those of you who know me personally are well aware of how passionate I am about advertising copy. Which is why, a while ago I posted two articles in which I presented the coolest examples of creative texts used in prints and ads. If you’re curious to learn more, you can find them here and here.

Whether you’re part of the industry or, like me, a fellow writing enthusiast, in all of its shapes and forms, you’ve probably wondered at least once what is the difference between the copywriting created in advertising agencies and online copywriting or if there even is one.

Branding and copywriting – what is the connection between them?

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I’m back with a new installment in my branding and copywriting article series. If you’re new to this blog, I invite you to first take a look over my introductory pieces on branding and copywriting so you’ll get accustomed to the basics.

At first glance, it’s hard to see the connection between the copywriter, the one who persuades people through words to take a certain action or choose a certain product or service and branding activities through which a common product is invested with the power of a brand, it becomes a complete experience defined through symbols, values and unique associations.

Copywriting in pictures: more examples of advertising copy

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Last week, I presented you some of my favorite advertising copy examples so that you can understand what it is better and what results this type of persuasive writing can yield, if done right. As promised, I’m back today with the second part of the previous article.

We’re about to analyze more telling examples of advertising copy that are going to move, impress, make us laugh or even inspire us in our own advertising or marketing campaigns. Whether you’re an online titan or just started marketing your company’s products and services, you still have a few valuable lessons to take home from the masters of advertising. Let’s begin...

Copywriting in pictures: the best examples of advertising copy

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In a previous article, I explained what copywriting was (for dummies, of course, which we all are, on some level) and we also delved a little into the theoretical/scientific side of it. This time, I thought we could expand upon the subject with some practical examples. Which is why I selected some of the best examples of advertising copy that I could find.

We’ll see exactly what is the role and impact of a text message in an ad or print and how the text, alongside image and other graphic elements can convey complex creative concepts, move us, make us care or draw our attention.

Copywriter vs. content writer – ce face fiecare?

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Whether you work in online marketing, advertising of any other field related to virtual promotion, it is essential to know one or two things about the people in charge of writing texts, as well as the art and science behind the most popular types of online writing. Why?

Well, for starters, if you like to write, you’ll be able to find your footing easier and figure out your professional fit, depending on your style and abilities. If you’re in a whole different category and you don’t like writing but you need certain types of texts for your business, you’ll know who to turn to and what services best match your requirements.