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8 reasons to go to the gym

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If the thought of a gym makes you picture sweat, intimidation, ripped guys and weird looking machinery resembling modern torture devices that, for some unknown reason, people choose to willingly subject themselves to day in and day out, you’re not alone. A lot of people who are now gym regulars have felt the same way when they first joined.

However, there are a number of links between health and fitness that might make you reconsider your stance if you feel intimidated by the gym or don’t find the idea all that appealing.

What is Urbex or Urban Exploration?

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Urbex, Urban Exploration or sometimes UE is the act of exploring man-made structures, from buildings to monuments or mysterious abandoned locations and usually documenting the experience for viewers to be part of the ride as well. It’s an activity for people who love adrenaline, as it can also be quite dangerous.

Benefits of singing - why is it so good for you?

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Does your fondest childhood memory involve a brush, a mirror and singing to the top of your lungs? Are you always the first in line for karaoke? Or, better yet, do you dream of turning singing into a profession? Aside from the fun and obvious entertainment this activity provides, you’ll be surprised to hear some interesting benefits of singing you might have not even considered.

Best places to visit for explorers - stunning destinations you can't miss!

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When most of us plan vacations or trips, we usually search for the most popular tourist attractions worldwide – Eiffel Tower, Barcelona, you name it. We like to stay within our comfort zone or choose places that other people have chosen before us and deemed worthy of visiting or exploring.

But if you want to discover hidden beauties or even creepy sights, you might want to go off the beaten track a little.

Easy lifestyle changes and weight loss tips

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The dynamic, even hectic lifestyle most of us live, where it’s expected of us to do everything fast – work fast, move fast, solve tasks fast, even nap instead of sleeping properly to save time, can have devastating consequences on our general health and mood.

Most of us wait too long and ignore the symptoms until the kilos start piling up and we feel sluggish and tired all the time.

Benefits of traveling - why you should start packing right now

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We can all use an opportunity to disconnect from our daily routine sometimes, whether it’s in the form of a weekend city break, a prolonged mountainous holiday or a luxurious stay at the seaside, sunbathing on one of the most iconic beaches in the world. No matter if you’re an occasional traveler or if the whole wide world sees more of you more than your regular home, the benefits of traveling are undeniable, both for mental and physical health.

Benefits of running - lace up those running shoes today!

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We do a lot of running on a daily basis – running from our problems, running late, running out of time, running into revolving doors by mistake, you name it. However, most of us unfortunately don’t get enough of the classic variety – actual running – one of the best workouts out there to get in shape fast and boost your cardiovascular health. Running is as close to a miracle drug as it can get, providing lots of scientifically proven positive effects on our mind and body alike.

9 benefits of playing a musical instrument

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Musical instruments are pretty great – depending on the skill of the player, they can produce beautiful sounds that enchant, touch, relax us or simply make us feel good after a long day. We all know the wonderful effects listening to music has on us, but did you know there are some pretty amazing benefits of playing a musical instrument yourself?

8 Benefits of cycling

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Cycling is one of the most pleasant activities, especially during summertime, it is a low-impact exercise that a large amount of the population can practice, as opposed to more strenuous workouts. Whether you choose to engage in this activity alongside a group of friends or by yourself, indoors using a gym bicycle or outdoors exploring the best mountain trails with your trusted two-wheeled companion, the benefits of cycling are numerous and they have been proven by scientific studies and acknowledged by the most enthusiastic cyclists out there.