Easy lifestyle changes and weight loss tips

Easy lifestyle changes and weight loss tips

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The dynamic, even hectic lifestyle most of us live, where it’s expected of us to do everything fast – work fast, move fast, solve tasks fast, even nap instead of sleeping properly to save time, can have devastating consequences on our general health and mood.

Most of us wait too long and ignore the symptoms until the kilos start piling up and we feel sluggish and tired all the time.

However, it is never too late to take action – whether you want to lose weight for purely aesthetic or health reasons or to simply feel better physically. There are easy lifestyle changes and weight loss tips you can try today and they don’t even require a pricey gym membership to work. Let’s discover them together..

Easy weight loss tips to shed those pounds

1. Drink more water

You probably expected this suggestion to pop up first when you started reading the article and you were right – it’s common sense but most of us do not get enough water in our system during the day. Our body is made up of 70% water and not only is water essential to our health, it also boosts the metabolism in the morning and it helps the skin look better. Drinking one to two cups of water in the morning will also make you eat less for breakfast.

2. Cut down on empty calories

Empty calories are found in sugary drinks or fat packed snacks – nutritionally they don’t offer much and you end up feeling even hungrier after you’ve had them. Instead, replace them with fiber such as low fat cereal bars for those work breaks when you’re craving something to eat. They will give you more energy to perform tasks as well.

3. Replace white sugar

White sugar is highly processed and depending on your sweet tooth, you could load up on a lot of empty calories in the morning, even without counting what you have for breakfast. If you like your morning coffee as much as I do, you should consider honey or other natural sweeteners as healthier alternatives.

4. Replace white/milk chocolate with dark chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? That’s precisely the problem when thinking about weight loss – cutting down on your favorite sugary treat can be difficult, especially if you have night cravings. But if you’re addicted to chocolate and you can’t say no, you should at least consider replacing it with dark chocolate – it helps with concentration, it contains less sugar and it’s still chocolate. Win-win.

5. Cut down on bad carbs

White bread and pasta are what we call bad carbs – they might make you feel full after dinner, but the sensation is short lived and you will end up feeling hungrier soon after. Instead, whole grains is what you should be having – the good carbs – such as whole grain bread, pasta or cereal. You don’t have to give up on your favorite foods, just replace them with healthier alternatives, so you don’t have to feel guilty after dinner or breakfast.

6. Use public or personal transportation less

If the chance presents itself and it’s not mandatory for you to use the car or take the bus, try to walk, even on small routes. It’s a form of exercise that involves the entire body and it also helps relieve some of the soreness in your muscles after a long day at the office.

7. Try cycling

If you need to cross longer routes and walking is not an option, you might want to consider cycling to work, especially if you live in a bike-friendly town – an hour of cycling can burn between 300 to even 600 calories depending on the intensity and your weight. Not only is cycling a fantastic alternative because it’s cheaper (you’ll save tons of money you’d otherwise spend on gas), and you can advance faster and escape traffic, but it’s also a great cardio exercise (your heart will thank you and so will your leaner legs).

8. Drink green tea instead of soft drinks

This might be a harder step to take but green tea can do wonders – it’s an antioxidant, it contains 0 calories and it helps with both physical and mental health, while also keeping you hydrated. Soft drinks are a lot of people’s kryptonite and it can be difficult to get in the habit of not buying an extra Coca Cola bottle at work but sip on the green tea bottle you brought from home but, in the long run, your body and mind will thank you for walking that extra mile.

9. Replace deep fry foods with grilled ones

Deep fry foods might be your guilty pleasure and we understand you – they might be tasty but they are also one of your biggest enemies in weight loss and a threat to your general health because they increase your cholesterol levels and risk for type 2 diabetes. Instead of going to McDonalds late at night, you can opt to go to a restaurant and choose grilled chicken breast with vegetables instead, if time is your issue. If your budget is lower and you can squeeze in a little time to cook at home, you should consider buying a grill – grilled foods contain no extra fat, they are better for your health and you don’t have to be a professional cook to eat healthy, since the meals are not very hard to prepare.

10. Get enough sleep

You should get at least 8 hours of sleep at night and most people neglect the importance of sleep for general health and well-being. If you also exercise during the day, a good sleep pattern is necessary. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to get those 8 hours of sleep, napping for even 45 minutes during the day might be a temporary option but you should at least catch up on lost sleep during the weekends.


I hope my weight loss tips helped you reach your goal weight faster and easier and feel better every day. What are some of your other tips to shed the weight and keep it off? I'm excited to hear your thoughts!

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