8 reasons to go to the gym

8 reasons to go to the gym that will make you start today!

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If the thought of a gym makes you picture sweat, intimidation, ripped guys and weird looking machinery resembling modern torture devices that, for some unknown reason, people choose to willingly subject themselves to day in and day out, you’re not alone. A lot of people who are now gym regulars have felt the same way when they first joined.

However, there are a number of links between health and fitness that might make you reconsider your stance if you feel intimidated by the gym or don’t find the idea all that appealing.

And if you’re the opposite and you’re looking to get into a healthy lifestyle or maintain it, this article will hopefully give you some much-needed motivation to not give up on your fitness journey. Here are some of the best reasons to go to the gym today:

Reasons to go to the gym that aren't just about looking better

1. You improve your general health on a longterm basis

Exercise is medicine and the gym is the place that offers it. Think of exercise as being a hell of a lot cheaper than medicine and surgery – from cardio machines to free weights and muscle group isolation equipment, the gym has everything you need to work on your cardiovascular health, your muscle mass and your bone strength.

Going to the gym regularly changes your body in ways that matter, boosting your lifelong health and lowering your risk for many diseases, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

2. You gain real confidence

One of the best reasons to go to the gym is that huge boost of confidence that comes with it. The more you lift, the better you feel, the more progress you make, the more accomplished you are and not just in the gym, but in other aspects of your life as well. Once you become stronger, you start to feel better about yourself all around and that can translate into a more powerful presence when you enter a room, more confidence during presentations, even a better posture.

3. Cheaper than therapy

There are people who choose to solve their problems through conversation, but if you’re anything like the author of this article, maybe a good ol’ fashion lifting session will provide all the therapy you need instead. Lifting weights, as well as some forms of cardio can significantly reduce stress and it’s a known fact that exercising releases endorphins that make you feel better all around. Whatever hurts, you leave it in the gym.

4. Make new friends

Whether you already have a gym buddy or you’re looking for one, the gym is a great place to meet new people who share the same interests, or even learn from people who know more about fitness than you do. In my experience, a lot of people are friendly at the gym and willing to help beginners on their journey, so take advantage of the social aspect of the gym, while being mindful at the same time. Don’t be that guy/girl who bothers someone mid-reps either.

5. Look better and feel better in the gym and out

Surely the most common of the reasons to go to the gym is getting the long sought after bikini body. While it may seem shallow, if that motivates you, go for it! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look better and the gym is a great way to achieve that since it can completely remodel your body, lower your fat levels and help you gain lean muscle mass.

Another upside is that you not only look better, but you start getting stronger too and you’ll notice it in other aspects of your life as well. That flight of stairs? Doesn’t leave you out of breath anymore. That heavy shopping bag? Didn’t rip your biceps or hurt your back this time. Pretty great, huh?

6. Helps you learn discipline and commitment

Aside from the obvious links between health and fitness, learning discipline and commitment is a valuable skill to have in all sectors of your life and going to the gym is a fantastic way of achieving that. At first, most beginners will get fantastic results but after months of exercise, only commitment, consistency and discipline gets you going.

We can learn a lot from those people who exercise during winter, who run on the treadmill at night, who wake up at 8 AM to hit the weights. Once you regularly start going to the gym, you’ll learn a lot about willpower, the force of habit and motivation and that’s very valuable, I promise you.

7. Sleep like a baby

Have trouble sleeping? Going to the gym will definitely help with that, as long as you don’t overdo it. Regular exercise can regulate sleep patterns and you’ll not only sleep easier, but you’ll get a much more quality sleep too that helps you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the next workout.

8. A rewarding way to spend your time

The more you go, the more results you’ll see, especially if you challenge yourself and your routine constantly. Because health and fitness go hand in hand, that makes going to the gym feel rewarding, like you accomplished something now, but also gives your body and mind something for the long-term, as opposed to spending your free time in less productive ways (bumming around on the couch eating Cheetos).


I hope these reasons to go to the gym made you reconsider your anti-exercise stance, lace up your running shoes or even made you get out of your gym funk and find that missing motivation to work up a sweat today.

Why do you go to the gym? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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