Articles about freelancing, freelance writing in Romania, advice and introductory pieces on how to become independent and wave goodbye to the employee life.

How do I set my rate as a freelance writer?

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Hello and welcome back to another installment in my – „how to write and how much should I charge for my words” series. Contrary to popular belief, even if letters are free to press, they’re right there on the keyboard and even a monkey could do it, words have a cost, especially if they inspire, increase sales, awareness, reach, engagement and...insert pompous marketing word here. The only exception where words don’t cost is when you write for pleasure or voluntarily, of course, but even then they have value.

Freelancing sau muncă de agenție – cum aleg ce mi se potrivește?

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Tired of working in an advertising agency or even a corporation, more and more Romanians, especially youngsters, choose to wave goodbye to the employee life and opt for the much more tempting option of working from home (a freelancer job).

Freelancer is a pretty broad term that can define any profession/occupation/job that a person does in a freelance capacity, on a contractual basis with one or more clients. For this reason, we can find freelancers in most known fields, from freelance writers to freelance graphic designers or IT professionals.