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Companies reject remote work

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2020 has been a life-changing and game-changing year for us all. Between a global pandemic, an economic crisis and an extended lockdown, the way we live and work has changed dramatically.

One of the trends that has steadily picked up momentum in 2020 is remote work. So much so that analysts can see it extending well into 2021 and beyond.

HR rejection phrases

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I originally wrote this on my LinkedIn profile but I have decided to also bring it here. Why, you may ask? Because I believe this coronavirus crisis that soon turned into a full-blown social and economic crisis has only managed to reveal all the problems we all knew of in recruitement but loved to hide under the rug.

What HR professionals don’t want to understand about employee motivation

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Welcome back. For this gorgeous start of the week, I propose a text about HR professionals, employee motivation, professional satisfaction and other associated topics, as a result of a conversation with two friends and reading this really cool piece by Doru Șupeală (sidenote – my fellow English speakers, I guarantee it’s worth translating every word of that).

If you’re a HR professional or simply interested in the field, just like me, I invite you to carefully analyze what’s written in that article before returning to mine.

Why do companies hire students?

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Oh, students...the professional category companies used to run from like the plague, these youngsters who are always presumed to be incompetent, who are always told that they’re stupid, unknowledgeable, inexperienced but aren’t given any chance to learn either, not without disrespect, working for pennies or even worse, being offered an (un) friendly handshake as reward.

If job ads were honest – 41 HR phrases, explained

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A few months ago, the holy internet brought this jewelry before my eyes (for my English speaking peeps – translate that, I guarantee it’s worth it 100%). You might even know it because, at some point, it became viral in Romania. If not, I invite you, even urge you, from the bottom of my non-existent heart, to read it. In an eloquent fashion and with strong arguments, the author managed to outline the HR incompetence hidden behind the classic, cliché, error-404-logic-not-found phrases that we usually encounter in a job ad.

We all know them, we hear them daily and we’ve certainly just about had it – motivating salary, dynamic team, provocative working environment. They annoy us, irritate us and, above all, frustrate every potential candidate. Why? Because, as you’ve probably gathered from personal experience, these phrases that vaguely resemble amateurish marketing usually deliver the opposite of what is promised.