Life Hacks

Life is simple - we just make it complicated. Here's how to make things easier for yourself at work, at home or in your personal life with these life hacks!

How to work from home during a crisis

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It’s all the world can speak about – COVID-19, coronavirus. We are currently living in a global pandemic that will forever change the way we work, our economic system and our values. It already has – the shutdown of the economy and our lives transforming on every possible level over a matter of days is bound to wreak havoc on our mental health and general well-being.

Small ways to save money realistically

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Money makes the world go round...except when you don’t have it. If you’re sick of articles giving you unrealistic tips such as never drinking a latte again in your life, saying goodbye to your favorite Netflix show or even putting away half of your paycheck when you’re a broke millennial, you’ve come to the right place.

There are small ways to save money realistically that don’t involve you starving to death.

Practical tips to increase productivity

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Whether we’re talking about our personal lives, our duties at the workplace, our freelance or entrepreneurship projects, productivity is key to pursuing our goals and sticking to them, even when we don’t feel like it or we’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work or the complexity of our tasks.

There are ways to increase productivity that can apply to almost all sectors of our lives, if we’re consistent and come up with a plan to tackle our work.

How to go from „wanting” to „doing” – personal development without the added bullshit

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Welcome back and I hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday. If you’re reading this article at work, bored and moody, tired and droopy-eyed, I hope this will help you evade your day-to-day routine for at least 5 minutes, reflect on life or maybe even crack a smile.

Today I’m delighting you with a post that’s slightly different from the usual subject matter of this blog – how to go from „wanting” to actually „doing” when we hit so many roadblocks, from the classic and ol’ fashioned laziness to lack of motivation.